Common Causes for Overtraining

Overtraining is the outcome of exercises, not accompanied with adequate rest. And this could happen when training for Tough Mudder. Workout includes two processes and these are – workout process and recovery process. While doing workouts, your muscles tend to have minor tear, and the small intervals of rest enables your body, to recover the torn muscles, which is known as recovery process.

Workouts in special fitness classes for obstacle course racing strictly follows, both the processes and therefore save the clients from the adverse effects of overtraining. Athletes, runners, personal trainers and fitness instructors are generally more susceptible to overtraining. Let’s understand the causes of overtraining.

Goals too High to Achieve

When you start your workouts, you do them with an objective, to meet certain goals. And that is perfectly alright, you should have specific goals to achieve. But problem comes, when you set your goals too high to achieve.

For an instance, you want to loseweight through workouts in one month, and according to your body, at least three months are required to meet your goal. In the eagerness to achieve your goals, you will cross your threshold and will try to do extra workouts to get early results.

Fitness classes obstacle course racing educates its clients about how to set a realistic goal. A realistic goal defines a goal which is both practical and reachable.

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Lack of Proper Diet

Lack of proper and balanced diet is also a prominent reason, leading to overtraining. Your workoutsshould be in proportion with your diet. If you are doing intense workouts, your diet should be heavy enough to provide you energy, to bear those intense workouts.

And the food consumed by you, provide you that energy. Dieting and workouts done simultaneously, is like keeping two foes in the same room. Most fitness centres has special certified dieticians, who will make diet chart for you, tailored to your body requirements.

Misinterpret Body Messages

There comes a stage in your body, when your body stops showing any growth and becomes stagnant. And that is the sign from your body to convey the message, that it has become addicted to your current workouts. And you should change them now.

But, when you don’t see your bodyshowing any growth, instead of changing your workouts, you tend to increase the intensity of your workouts, interpreting that your body’s requirements have increased and it needs more workout. And the outcome is overtraining.

Lack of Rest

When you continue doing a set of workouts, one after another, without giving your body rest to recover, it causes serious damage to your muscles at work. Your temptation to achieve your goals in shortest possible time makes you do workouts, without taking any rest.

Apart from rest during workouts, your body requires rest from the week’s routine also. By doing workouts throughout the week, without giving your body any rest, even for a single day,might also become a cause of overtraining.Your fitness class for obstacle course racing not only trains you about the workouts, but alsoeducates you to bring an alignment between your workouts, diet and rest.

Tips for Creating a Cardio Plan for Losing Weight

If you would like an exciting new career in the fitness industry and you are trying to lose weight first, outdoor group personal training can come to your rescue. With a training regime that is infused with various combinations of cardio exercises, stretches and strength training, you achieve a perfectly shaped body with not an extra ounce of cellulite. When you set about creating a cardio workout regime for yourself, there are certain things you need to keep in mind, especially in three major aspects – intensity, duration and kind of exercise. Below given are tips as to how you can plan an effective cardio regime.

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Give importance to your preference

First decide what kind of exercise you like. You can either choose to workout indoor or step out for an exhilarating outdoor fitness program. Between the two, the option that can give you better results are outdoor programs such as outdoor group personal training. Outdoor group workouts also give you all the benefits of exercising in fresh outdoor environs. The best way to be motivated to exercise is to choose an activity you like such as dance, a sport or working out with equipment.


Health is a serious consideration

Consider your health. Are you capable of undertaking high intensity cardio exercises? Do you suffer from chronic health ailments or are recovering from surgeries? If you are, you should consult a doctor and evaluate the extent up to which you can safely push yourself without harming your health. A doctor’s approval is very important. Efficient personal trainers present in outdoor group personal can help you formulate an effective customized fitness plan.

Customize workout as per fitness goals

Set your fitness targets. Cardio exercises are different for different fitness goals. If you are looking at comprehensive fitness, signing up with one of the outdoor group personal training can be an excellent option. These programs are also great for weight loss. However, if you want to build endurance and stamina, cardio interval training is a great option. Alternating between high and low intensity cardio exercises such as jogging, brisk walking, swimming and skipping can do the most to develop endurance.

Increase intensity, not duration

Plan your regime so that there is gradual increase in the intensity of workouts. Begin with a few reps and increase the number of reps while keeping the duration constant. This is the best form of cardio regime that you can follow for all purposes.