Are You Making these Excuses for Not Hiring a Personal Trainer?

Everybody advocates the benefits of regular exercise but few actually love to get out and get moving. Yes, it takes tones of motivation to start and continue with a workout routine. Unless there is a specific reason, most people associate regular exercise with sport persons or celebrities. And there are endless excuses too for not wanting to exercise under a trainer. But do remember that it helps to have your own personal trainer as you move along the grinding sessions.

You are Skeptical about Personal Trainers

There are people who don’t really know how to assess their trainer. Maybe you are one of them and don’t want to trust the wellbeing of your physique with a complete stranger. Or maybe images of all that sculpted body and sophisticated equipments make you unsure of your own abilities.

Don’t let this fear stop you from hiring your very own personal trainer. Rather than being intimidating, your trainer is your best friend in your journey from ill-health to fitness. For more information on Personal Training.

You are Scared of Failing

Another regular excuse for not having a trainer is the shame of failure. Maybe you feel it’s beyond your abilities to work so hard. And then it’s truly mortifying to be unsuccessful before a professional who is so competent and confident.

However, trainers have handled all kinds of people from downright lazy ones to the super skeptics. They know that the fear of failure is a huge deterrent so they will always encourage you to do better.

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You don’t have Time for Long Sessions

Another common grouse is that trainers take too long to help you get back to shape. They usually create routines that stretch for months and require you to follow a stringent diet. You have to modify your lifestyle too and be more disciplined. Continuing this for months may seem intimidating.

What you should understand is that your body needs time to lose or gain weight. No trainer worth his salt will prescribe quick fix solutions such as crash diets which are unhealthy and unsafe. You might be interested in kettlebell instructor courses

Commitments Scare You

Good personal trainers are often extremely demanding. This is another reason why people who are scared of committing themselves avoid working out under a personal trainer. You are not sure of committing undivided time and attention to your sessions and may even want to skip them on and off. Hire a trainer that has experience helping people to achieve the results you want to achieve.

Trainers always have your best interest in mind. They will never allow you to skip sessions or go easy on the workouts. It is tough working out under a seasoned trainer but the rewards are there for all to see. If you are interested in becoming a personal trainer, then be sure to check out fitness certification

You are Scared of Injuries

This is a common excuse for those who have never workout out before. You feel scared of injuring yourself especially when some postures look quite challenging. You would rather be safe albeit unhealthy rather than risk a strain or sprain.

Relax! Trainers undergo stringent sessions themselves during their formative years. They master both the theoretical and practical aspects of exercising so that they know what’s safe for their client. A trainer will never compel you to do workouts you are not comfortable with.

A Guide to Warming Up

What does warm up involve and how does it help the body to prepare for fitness training? There are certain movements like light jogging, walking, stretching and stretch and then hold, which help to raise the body’s core temperature. Warming up is important because if you try to exercise when your body is ‘cold’ you will suffer poor flexibility and mobility, some stiffness and prone to injury.

When you warm up you increase the body’s flexibility and strengthen the muscle joints. To increase your mobility you can try doing push-ups, kicking a football, or doing bicep curls. For getting flexible you should try arm extension and flexion, hip extension and arm rotation.

Types of warming up exercises

Different people have different ways to warm up. A power-lifter does not need to warm up like a marathoner though some similarities may be there. For cardio endurance, a dynamic warming up is required – like dynamic stretching. This involves very active movements, similar to what your workout involves. Other warming up exercises could be bodyweight squats prior to adding the weights, or a brisk walk before running.

Another popular warm up exercise with your gym instructor is the dynamic exercise warm-up. Techniques like foam rolling and practice movement help to align the gears – i.e. the joints move all at one time, rather than moving all together. This movement is progressive and helps to loosen up and stretch the body muscles. Exercises in the dynamic warm-ups include toe touching, high knees and walking lunges.

Stages for warming up

You need to warm up and loosen your muscles and joints. Foam rolling is a good way to start as it involves movement of the glutes, legs and hip flexors.

Next you should warm up the muscles with increased thumping of the heart. This helps to switch on the nervous system. You can ride a bike, jog or go rowing to achieve this warm up.

You need to do some dynamic stretches. This involves continous movement of various exercises. E.g. You can forward kick your legs, make big circles with your arms, or just touch your toes and reach upwards. In no way should hold any of the above positions.

Whatever exercises you have planned for a particular day, you should go through them with a lesser intensity. If you are going for a long run, first warm up with some technique drills. For back squats you could start by doing bodyweight squats or holding a bar that is empty. This type of practice helps muscle memory and prepares the body impending action.


Every person may require a different type of warm up before fitness training. It all depends on your level of fitness and the goal you are looking to achieve. But you need to make a start somewhere, so make a start by following the above mentioned stages for warming up. They will certainly help you to increase your mobility and strengthening of the muscle joints. Just remember that warming up will prepare your body for any planned activity and intense movement.

Warming up Before Exercising

It is mandatory for the clients to do a dynamic warm up before stretching or performing any other exercises just to get your mind in the right frame. It is like preparing your mind and telling it to be ready as more is yet to come and dynamic warm up exercise is just the beginning. It is advisable to stretch in between the exercises or in the end as it gives your body the time to cool down.

The dynamic warm up is essential as it makes your muscles flexible and ready for the upcoming strenuous exercises. Once you perform the dynamic warm up then your muscles will be able to take the rigorous exercises which you do. A light warm up or a moderate warm is not the best idea to get the best out of the athlete.

A dynamic warm up is best to get out the best performance from the athlete. Therefore, it is best to hire a personal trainer for yourself who will keep a strict vigil on your exercise and also on your regular workouts.

If you’re goal is weight loss, you should exercise at least 3 timers per week. And if you want quick weight loss results then train 4-5 times per week.

Summing everything up, dynamic warm ups are a lot more better and gets your exercises mode going compared to the stretching exercise. Yes, indeed stretching exercises are necessary. It helps to expand your muscles along with every part of your body. It makes your moves agile and also makes you flexible.

But it is also regarded as a sort of a relaxation exercise and is best to do it at the end of your workout session. Even doing in the middle of the exercises is not that bad as an option. Hence, to have a proper personal training methods is quite essential for one’s own active and healthy body.

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